Saltzman Rd (Laidlaw to Bayonne)

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Description: Full improvement of existing alignment, including wider travel lanes, bike lanes and sidewalks; OR partial funding for improvement on "western alignment." This project would complement the Saltzman (Bayonne to Burton) candidate project. Total project estimate of existing alignment is $6.5 million. Proposed MSTIP 3e funding: $5.3 million. The remaining $1.2 million is proposed from the Bonny Slope West funding plan. Additional funding source for western alignment has not been identified 

The month-long comment period for the 150% Project List ended May 31, 2016. More than 1,300 comments were received throughout the online and three in-person open houses.  We appreciate everyone who took the time to comment on the proposed projects.

Decision makers will be reviewing all comments before compiling the final list. The list will be presented to the Washington County Board of Commissioners in September. For more information about MSTIP, please visit About MSTIP or